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Queer Tech MTL

At the intersection of geek, fabulous and today’s tech economy
A community and advocacy group for LGBTQ+/Ally professionals in the STEM and startup-tech sectors

About us

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Founded in September 2016, Queer Tech Montreal is a volunteer-run community advocacy group for gender, sex and sexual minority (LGBTQ) professionals in the technology sector. Our mandate centres particular focus on the needs and activities of LGBTQ tech-entrepreneurs implicated within the start-up ecosystem of Montreal. We embrace diversity and inclusion as core guiding principles, so Ally and non-Queer professionals are always welcomed with open arms into our network of fun, astute and benevolent members.

Our community congregates monthly at different venues located in our home town that has witnessed a recent flurry of growth within its tech industry. Here we outline initiatives we advance at our monthly events and present the team that has grown Queer Tech Montreal into a prominent advocacy group at the intersection of geek, fabulous and today’s tech economy.

But first, we explain our raison d’être.

About us


Naoufel Testaouni

Naoufel is our founder and President, as well as the Executive Director of Montreal New Tech, a leading organisation representing the startup tech ecosystem of Montreal. His professional network runs deep, which provides the essential connections we need to secure speakers, space and sponsorships for our diverse events.

Jason Behrmann

Jason is our Vice-President and Chief of Communications. As a researcher, literary ninja and passionate public speaker, he is the voice of our newsletters, blog, interviews, media relations and social media pages. He’s always on the move to publish engaging stories at the intersection of Queer and tech.

Baptiste Laget

A local tech-startup entrepreneur, Baptiste is a software engineer and co-founder of OctHuber, a company specialising in data analysis and marketing. As our Chief of Technology, Baptiste is our go-to person for tech solutions who oversees the IT, website, and digital communications infrastructure for our organisation and at our monthly gatherings.

Debbie Rouleau

Implicated in many tech initiatives, Debbie is a frontend developer at Plank, a creative digital agency. When she is not coding, she helps with the Queer Tech MTL website and our monthly gatherings.

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Our community sponsors

  • Venture Out

  • MTLNewTech

  • Cooperathon

  • Logo_PrideHack

Our previous partners

  • LocalLogic
  • Shopify
  • OVH
  • Keatext
  • Local Logic
  • LGBT Desjardins